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About Avantor Services

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  • Introducing Avantor Services

    Learn about the next evolution in Avantor’s commitment to helping you accelerate innovation.

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Dedicated To Advancing Science

For more than 40 years, we have focused on evolving and perfecting a wide-ranging portfolio of services. Our associates work with more than 500 customers around the world, including major biopharma, pharmaceutical, educational, and industrial research organizations.

We’ve supported these organizations as they’ve transformed their operations, helping them solve complex challenges in their scientific endeavors. In the process, we’ve returned thousands of hours of productivity to scientists, allowing them to focus on innovation.

We’ve built our reputation on mastering day-to-day operations so you can focus your high-value resources on your core priorities. As our customers’ needs have evolved, so have our capabilities. We have become experts in scientific operations, improving performance with sophisticated solutions and providing guidance on best practices.

You can select and customize services to effectively support your goals, whether you’re trying to achieve peak efficiency, quality, or speed to market. Our digital tools are easily customized and scaled for your application.

By choosing Avantor Services, you’ll benefit from our world-class expertise in solving lab, clinical, and production challenges. But more than that, you’ll gain a trusted, collaborative partner – from discovery to delivery.

Our Digital Edge

We also offer a wide range of specialized digital solutions, including applications for inventory and chemical management, equipment management, and sample management. Cloud-based and globally networked, all our digital solutions can be custom-configured to meet the needs of your organization, from increasing productivity and throughput to cutting costs and time to market.

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