MarketSource Procurement & Sourcing Services

Discover Savings While Simplifying Your Supplier Network

Countless organizations struggle with the burden of managing multiple vendors, many of which are seldom re-used, and ultimately can complicate your efforts to streamline procurement and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Avantor Services MarketSource Procurement & Sourcing services help to address this challenge and enable you to reduce existing vendors and eliminate the cost of creating new ones, while simultaneously providing access to non-core suppliers from across the globe, with vendors added daily to meet customer needs. MarketSource supports the entire procurement process, including active vendor management, invoice consolidation, order confirmation, order tracking, strong analytics, spend management, and price transparency.

Whether you are managing a laboratory's productivity, a facility's procurement demands, or the terms and agreements of a supplier contract, we have the tools, services, and resources to help you streamline your inventory process so that your staff gets the supplies they need, where and when they need them.

Take a look into the options below to see how you can get access to our user-friendly tools and robust portfolio of more than 2 million products and 7,000 active suppliers.

What is Avantor MarketSource?

It is our procurement and sourcing service that makes available to you any lab product outside of our core-range, as easily and efficiently as possible.

We offer:

  • Simplification: By an optimized uniform process, making ordering simple through ‘Open Requisition’ and offering data visibility & KPI management.
  • Efficiency: By giving time back to scientists. We support the entire supply chain when combined with our Onsite Services. We provide independent, application-specific product sourcing and can offer customer-specific alternative products at a favorable price.
  • Procurement Effectiveness: By reducing and managing your vendor base (reducing vendor management and set-up costs). We manage and maintain procurement requests, eliminating non-catalog orders and related costs, helping to optimize your spend.
  • Compliance: By offering standard operating procedures (SOPs).

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Oparty na chmurze system zarządzania zapasami, który zarządza zużyciem i uzupełnianiem wszystkich materiałów laboratoryjnych (produkty VWR, a także produkty innych firm od dowolnego dostawcy)

Zarządzanie stanami magazynowymi

Usprawnij zaopatrzenie, zoptymalizuj stany magazynowe i poświęć mniej czasu na ogólne zarządzanie zasobami laboratoryjnymi, pozwalając obniżyć koszty i skupić się na nauce

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Zarządzaj budżetem, ulepszaj uzgadnianie, konsoliduj bazę dostawców i kontroluj indywidualne wydatki w jednym miejscu.

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