Chłodziarki cyrkulacyjne, Variocool

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Chłodziarki cyrkulacyjne, Variocool
Termostaty cyrkulacyjne Systemy cyrkulacyjne, zamknięte Cyrkulatory chłodzące
The compact Variocool circulating chillers are ideal for demanding temperature control tasks in laboratories, mini plants and production. The units have a colour TFT screen and membrane keyboard, a USB interface and an integrated alarm which are easily accessable on the front of the unit. They also feature an electronic fill gauge on the display and low fluid level alarm. Models can be either air or water cooled, all have lockable castors. A wide range of factory fitted options and interfaces which can be retrofitted give the user greater flexibility and control. Options include high power pumps to allow higher supply pressure, heaters adapted to the cooling capacity to enable rapid heating as required, flow control, outdoor installation, use with deionised water and noise reduction. Optional interfaces including analogue module, RS232/485, contact modules, profibus and PT100/LiBus modules are all available to facilitate customisation of the unit to applications. For details of the options and interfaces, please contact your local Avantor sales office.

  • Working temperature range of -20 to +40 °C can be increased to +80 with an optional heater
  • Energy efficient models with good temperature control help lower energy consumption and increase cost savings
  • All models except VC 600 have an adjustable bypass and pressure gauge to enable connection to pressure sensitive applications
  • Larger models have a tower design and air cooled units have microchannel condensers to save space and lower quantity of refrigerant used

Max. flow rate / max. pressure:

VC 600 - VC 2000 W: 28 l/min, 0,9 bar pressure

VC 3000 - VC 10000 W: 37 l/min, 3,2 bar pressure

VC 5000 (B)/(C) - VC 10000 W (B)/(C): 37 l/min, 4,8 bar pressure
VC 5000 (D) - VC 10000 W (D): 60 l/min, 5,0 bar pressure

VC 3000 - VC 10000 W: 37 l/min, 3,2 bar pressure

Certyfikaty: IP protection class according to IEC 60529: IP 32

Dodatkowe informacje: Supplied with screw caps. Water is recommended for positive temperatures and kryo30 fluid for operation at negative temperatures. Please note units VC 5000, VC 5000 W, VC 7000, VC 7000 W, VC 10000 and VC 10000 W require a three phase power supply.

Uwaga: Cooling capacity at 20; 0; −10 °C
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