PCR kabina UV – DNA/RNA

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PCR kabina UV – DNA/RNA
Dygestoria i komory Komory do PCR
Advanced benchtop UV cabinet providing aseptic conditions for a variety of biomedical and biochemical procedures. The economy bench model is dedicated to the protection against contamination during a variety of DNA/RNA procedures, with dual UV lamp protection.

  • UV surface irradiation – via single 25 W 254 nm open UV lamp
  • Patented built-in UV cleaner - recirculator with 25 m³/hour continuous air flow, prevents unwanted contamination and protects the user from direct UV light during manipulation
  • Second UV lamp disinfects the working area, inactivating DNA/RNA fragments during 15-30 min of exposure; automatic switch-off when door is opened
  • Convenient, easy to use digital timer for accurate control of UV exposure
  • Units have a built-in power socket
  • Quiet operation (33 - 37 dBa) and low energy consumption (67 W)
  • Front opening with three adjustable positions

Construction: Shock proof glass front, stainless steel sides, metal framework and stainless steel work surface, UV protective film on glass panels

Innovative dual UV system: built-in UV-air recirculator provides constant decontamination of the air volume within the cabinet while working and traditional surface UV decontamination while the door is closed.
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