Super optimal broth (SOB) broth, for biotechnology

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Super optimal broth (SOB) broth, for biotechnology
Media do mikrobiologii Podłoża sypkie do mikrobiologii
Super optimal broth (SOB) broth is used for the preparation of nutritionally-rich growth medium and transformation of competent E. coli.

SOB broth growth medium is nutritionally rich, containing casein hydrolysate and yeast extract as sources of nitrogenous compounds and growth factors, plus magnesium sulphate as a supply of magnesium ions necessary for DNA replication.

When dissolved at 25,5 g/L of water, yields tryptone (20 g/L), yeast extract (five g/L), sodium chloride (0,5 g/L).

Store SOB broth powder at room temperature (18 to 26 °C). Store prepared medium cold (2 to 8 °C).

Uwaga: Note: Medium should be autoclaved or sterile-filtered. Allow the solution to cool to 50 °C or below before adding supplemental components and antibiotic. Add 20 ml of One M MgSO₄.
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