Medium do hodowli komórek, RPMI 1640

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P0870-N10LEA 235 PLN
P0870-N10L P0860-N50L P0880-N10L L0501-100 L0501-1000 L0496-500 P0880-N1L P0870-N50L P0860-N5L L0490-500 P0871-N10L L0501-500 P0883-N1L L0498-100 L0495-500 P0880-N50L P0860-N1L L0500-100 L0498-500 L0503-500 P0870-N1L L0492-500 P0871-N1L P0883-N10L L0500-500 L0505-500 P0876-N10L P0860-N10L P0876-N1L P0876-N50L
Medium do hodowli komórek, RPMI 1640
Pożywki do hodowli komórkowych
RPMI are general purpose enriched media with extensive applications for a broad spectrum of mammalian and hybridoma cells, including human myeloma, mouse hybridoma, human leukocytes, and B and T lymphocytes. It was originally formulated for suspension cultures and monolayer culture of human leukaemia cells.
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