Spektrofotometry badające małe objętości próbek , SimpliNano™

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Spektrofotometry badające małe objętości próbek , SimpliNano™
Spektrofotometry Biofotometry
The SimpliNano spectrophotometer is a reliable instrument for measuring nucleic acid and protein samples.

  • Pipette sample directly onto the sample port and either pipette off or wipe away
  • Flexible instrument control either as stand-alone or operate from a PC with optional software
  • Output data via USB cable to PC or to USB stick

SimpliNano allows the user to measure the concentration and purity of nucleic acids in a variety of units (µg/ml, ng/µl, µg/µl) to correct for dilution factors where necessary.

Alternatively, SimpliNano can be used to determine the concentration of protein samples in the near UV spectrum at 280 nm due to absorption by the amino acids tyrosine, tryptophan and phenylalanine. The protein method shows individual absorbance readings for 260 and 280 nm and offers background correction at 340 nm.
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