Systemy blottingu elektrycznego, shiroGEL VS20

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Systemy blottingu elektrycznego, shiroGEL VS20
Aparaty do blottingu
The shiroGEL VS20 blotter can hold up to 16 minigels or four large format gels. It provides all necessary components for performing transfers from vertical slab gels. It has interchangeable modular inserts that can combine with shiroGEL vertical 20 PAGE to use the same universal tank and lid. Complete flexibility is provided as the shiroGEL VS20 can be run with most power settings required. It can perform overnight transfers at voltages as low as 35 V and rapid, high-intensity transfers up to 200 V in 1 to 2 hours.

The shiroGEL VS20 comes standard with platinum wire electrodes 8 cm apart for increased capacity. A high intensity insert with plate electrodes 4 cm apart for rapid transfers is also available separately. The detachable cooling coil, which connects to the laboratory water supply or a recirculating chiller, prevents buffer depletion to allow overnight transfers and fast high-intensity blots. It also maintains the low temperatures important for protein stability during native transfers. The open design and rigid cassettes maximise current transfer and eliminate ‘shadow band’ formation. Colour-coded cassettes prevent polarity reversal ensuring proper blotting.
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