Zestawy szalek odżywczych Microsart e.motion Dispenser

Dostawca: Sartorius
SART14091-50-RDNEA 1150 PLN
SART14091-50-RDN SART14096-47-RDN SART14087-50-RDN SART14091-47-RDN SART14096-50-RDN SART14062-47-RDN SART14058-50-RKN SART14076-47-RDN SART14086-50-RDN SART14075-47-RDN SART14080-50-RDN SART14087-47-RDN SART14062-50-RDN SART14080-47-RDN SART14055-47-RDN SART14092-50-RDN SART14058-47-RDN SART14076-50-RDN SART14055-50-RDN SART14051-47-RDN SART14092-47-RDN SART14051-50-RDN SART14084-47-RDN SART14075-50-RDN SART14058-50-RDN SART14094-50-RDN SART14053-50-RDN SART14056-47-RDN
Zestawy szalek odżywczych Microsart e.motion Dispenser
Media do mikrobiologii Podłoża gotowe do użycia Podłoża gotowe do użycia, NKS
Nutrient pad sets for colony counting by the membrane filter method, specially designed for the Microsart e.motion dispenser. These nutrient pad consist of dehydrated culture media inserted into pre-sterilised Petri dishes. This alternative to agar media has a long storage life of 24 months at room temperature.

  • Economical, time-saving microbiological control
  • High quality and reproducible results for up to 24 months
  • Compliant with international standards and references
  • Easy handling
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