Roztwór odkażający, NucleasEliminator™

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Roztwór odkażający, NucleasEliminator™
Środki czystości Środki odkażające
DNase and RNase contamination ruins expensive samples and time-consuming protocols in research laboratories every day. NucleasEliminator™ can help protect your investment by removing and deactivating even high concentrations of nuclease contamination from glass or plastic surfaces.

  • Effectively removes and deactivates nuclease contamination, even at high concentrations
  • Safe on all laboratory glass and plastic ware
  • Stable at room temperature for at least two years

Simply wipe, immerse, or fill the surface or vessel to be decontaminated with NucleasEliminator™, incubate 5 minutes at room temperature, and rinse thoroughly with nuclease-free water. NucleasEliminator™ is safe to use on all surfaces at the laboratory bench ranging from glassware, microcentrifuge tubes, pipette tips, and electrophoresis units.

A 100 ml bottle of the ready to use liquid will treat up to 100 microcentrifuge tubes or 25 casting trays for agarose electrophoresis.
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