Bluzy, Quantus®

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Bluzy, Quantus®
The Quantus® underwear sweatshirt is made from a high-quality breathable polyester microfibre material with carbon. The fabric was specially developed for use as underwear in combination with a cleanroom overall or coat. It serves as a prefilter to allow open-pore-fabric to be used in a higher cleanroom class.

  • Sweatshirt with long sleeves and round neck
  • Extra material flap for bar code inside
  • Soft grip and greater comfort when wearing
  • Anti-static and antimicrobial protection
  • Recommended for wear underneath disposable and reusable clothing
  • RFID chip included
  • Washing instructions: max 60 °C

Weight: 97,5 g/m²

Informacje do zamówienia: Non standard sizes are available on request. Please contact your local VWR office for further information.
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