Blotting Reagent, AceGlow™ Chemiluminescence Substrate, peqlab

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Blotting Reagent, AceGlow™ Chemiluminescence Substrate, peqlab
Elektroforezy, Odczynniki Odczynniki do blottingu
AceGlow™ Chemiluminescence Substrate is for the horseradish peroxidase-mediated detection of proteins and nucleic acids. There are two variants: AceGlow™ Essential for standard blots with a detection sensitivity of 1 picogram and a signal emission for up to 8 hours, and AceGlow™ with highest sensitivity down to 10 femtogram and amplified, long lasting light signal emission over 24 hours.

AceGlow™ Essential is ideally suited for most standard Western blot detections. AceGlow™ is an optimised substrate especially useful for weak emitting samples or samples which require lengthy analysis periods.

  • High sensitivity down to the femtogram range
  • High stability with signal emission stable for up to 24 h for reliable quantifications over long or multiple exposure times
  • Enables the more economical use of antibodies
  • Suitable for use with both chemiluminescence imaging systems and radiographic films

Informacje dodatkowe: Each pack contains 1× Luminol substrate (brown bottle) and 1× Stable peroxide buffer (white bottle).
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