Clean-Lab, Q Path® do usuwania parafin

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Clean-Lab, Q Path® do usuwania parafin

Solvent replacement for cleaning instruments and equipments in contact with paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is used to prepare histological sections for microscopy, but it is very difficult to remove its residuals on microtomes and other laboratory surfaces. Clean-Lab has been created to make the removal of paraffin very easy and quick.

  • Perfect to remove paraffin and clean every surface in microscopy clinical labs
  • Especially used for microtomes
  • Also suitable for tools, furniture, embedding and trimming stations
  • Quick and complete action in few seconds
  • Free samples available on request

Temp. Zapłonu: 49 °C (zamknięty kubek)
Numer CAS: 90622-57-4
Jednostka: 3295

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Wyniki testów specyfikacyjnych

Appearance Clear colourless liquid
Aromatics (UV) (max. 100 ppm) Passes test
Boiling point (begin) (min.173°C) Passes test
Bromine (per 100 g) (max. 50 ppm) Passes test
Colouration (Saybolt) (D6045) (min. 30) Passes test
Density (15°C) (0.752-0.772 kg/l) Passes test
Distillation range (50 %) (177-187°C) Passes test
Dry point (boiling range) (max.193°C) Passes test
Flash point (56-63°C) Passes test
S (Sulphur) (max. 1 ppm) Passes test

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