Wysokowydajne worki homogenizatora

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Wysokowydajne worki homogenizatora
Worki Worki do homogenizatorów
Complete range of bags, sterile and alimentary certified, for safe and quick preparation of solid samples before microbiological and chemical analysis. Bags are resistant for 3 minutes blending (frequency 4 t/second). They fit all conventional 400 ml laboratory blenders, and are adapted to all samples.

  • Can resist to high temperature from –40 to +80 °C
  • Can be frozen
  • Gamma irradiated: No risk of cross-contamination (the red sticker on every box serves as a qualitative indicator of gamma ray processing)
  • Colour-change label when sterile: Red colour, for easy sterilisation identification
  • Approved for food contact

Plain blender bag: Sterile, flexible and transparent bag compatible with any laboratory blender. High quality of raw material: Pure natural polyolefin (polyethylene).

Bag with lateral filter: Non woven filter with porosity <250 µm in a reinforced multi-coated complex which is ideal for homogenising fibrous samples.

Bag with full page filter: Calibrated micro perforated filter with 280 µm porosity which is ideal for homogenising pasty samples.

In compliance with ISO 7218/6887- 1/FDA - BAM.
Sterilisation in compliance with the GMP of quality assurance and current legislation, we attest that treatment by gamma rays has been made.
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