Zestaw etapowy mieszanin Master Gibson Assembly® HiFi 1

Dostawca: Synthetic Genomics
GA1100-10MMEA 848 PLN
GA1100-10MM GA1100-50MM
Zestaw etapowy mieszanin Master Gibson Assembly® HiFi 1
Odczynniki do kwasów nukleinowych Zestawy do klonowania i ligacji
The Gibson Assembly® Hi-Fi 1-Step Master Mix (2X) contains a proprietary mixture of enzymes and reagents optimised to facilitate one-step assembly of double standed DNA fragments. This master mix includes a proof-reading polymerase that mediates junction repair resulting assembled constructs with low rates of junction errors and high sequence fidelity.

Informacje do zamówienia: Master mixes supporting 10 or 50 reactions are available. Master mixes are provided as a single vial of Gibson Assembly® 1-Step Master Mix (2X) along with a detailed instruction manual. Note that this product does not include the Gibson Assembly® Positive Control found in the Gibson Assembly® HiFi 1-Step Kit.
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