Probówki, z kodem kresowym 2D

Dostawca: Thermo Scientific
MATRAB-1470EA 3860 PLN
Probówki, z kodem kresowym 2D
Vialki Krioprobówki
Unique and laser etched 2D barcode is encapsulated on the base to securely identify and track samples.

  • Grid-referenced lids enable storage tube location
  • External threads tubes aid in contamination prevention
  • Save space with dense microplate footprint

The laser-etched 2D barcode feature scan the tube into any application or database, or integrate via various data export options. Every storage tube code is scanned to guarantee readability. Each code is checked against the entire database of all 2D barcoded storage tubes to ensure zero duplicates. Every lot of storage tubes is leak tested to ensure the integrity and security of samples. All tubes are certified free of DNase, RNase and DNA.
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