Visual Violet™ zestaw żelowy

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Visual Violet™
N733-KITEA 394 PLN
Visual Violet™ zestaw żelowy
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Visual Violet™ provides an in-gel stain that eliminates the need for UV irradiation of agarose gels to visualize DNA bands with the naked eye or on a white light box without destaining.

  • Cloning efficiency by a factor of four to five
  • Transformation efficiency increased by three to five folds over that obtained with ethidium bromide stained gels
  • No post-run staining or destaining
  • Compatible with downstream cloning applications

Fragments may be excised and purified for conventional methods including spin-column chromatography and alcohol precipitation. Since UV light introduces nicks as well as other lesions in DNA, it can impact downstream applications sensitive to DNA damage. Bands are visible immediately after electrophoresis.

Informacje do zamówienia: Includes a staining gel and loading buffer 6X (2 ml) for 30×100 ml gels.
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