Zmywarka do szkła laboratoryjnego, PG 8504

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Zmywarka do szkła laboratoryjnego, PG 8504
Zmywarki laboratoryjne
PG 8504 is a freestanding unit with lid and its exterior is made from stainless steel casing. It can handle a wide variety of cleaning challenges found in laboratory environments. Its capacity is improved allows to clean large number of utensils and equipments quickly.

  • Capacity per cycle: up to 64 injector nozzles together with other laboratory glassware
  • TouchControl display shows three row display of program name, actual/target temperature and remaining program time
  • Allows quick and simple selection of six different programs (normal, regular, extended, de-min. rinse, rinse, drain)
  • Individual door for dispensing powder detergent and neutraliser
  • 4-fold filter system with large surface filter, coarse filter, glass breakage filter and micro-fine filter
  • Flowmeter to monitor water intake
  • Hygienic freshwater system with fresh water intake for each programme stage

It features pull-open door, acoustic signal to indicated end of program, two temperature sensors, extensive safety features, port for insertion of sensors for process validation and insulated door for excellent soundproofing.

Wash cabinet chamber made from high-grade stainless steel welded using laser technology to give a perfectly smooth, crevice-free finish which prevents dirt from accumulating. Its cleaning system has variable-speed brushless pump for optimum spray pressure in various program phases, rear basket docking for shorter water circuit and higher spray pressure, newly developed spray arms with modified nozzle shape and arrangement for improved water access, injector system for the thorough cleaning of hollow items.

Certyfikaty: Compliance with 2006/42/EG, EN 61010-2-40, EN 61326 -1, VDE-EMC and IP 21.

Informacje do zamówienia: Baskets and accessories must be ordered separately. Please contact your Avantor sales representative/technical services for assistance with the product configuration.
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