Odwrócony mikroskop fluorescencyjny, VisiScope® IT 405 FLD

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VWR® VisiScope®
630-2695EA 35730 PLN
Odwrócony mikroskop fluorescencyjny, VisiScope® IT 405 FLD
Routine inverted fluorescence microscope for transmitted brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence observations with IOS LWD W-Plan PH objectives. Ideal for tissue culture research in clinical and biotechnology laboratories.

  • No warm-up, cool-down times for 60 minute time saving
  • High efficiency LED illumination with brightness control
  • Condenser can be removed to extend the working distance up to 150 mm
  • Fixed specimen stage for fatigue-free operation
  • Two stage insert (glass and metal) with hole for small dimension specimens
  • Plan-achromatic LWD W-Plan PH objectives (IOS) with anti-fungus treatment

The LED fluorescence illuminator is combined with blue and green excitation filter sets for the visualization of the following fluorochromes: Acridine Yellow, Acridine Orange, Auramine, DiO, DTAF, FITC, GFP, YFP, etc. (blue) plus Rhodamine, Texas Red and TRITC (green).

Informacje do zamówienia: Zestawy filtrów fluorescencyjnych niebieskich EX 450-490, DM 495, EM 520LP i zielonych EX 540-580, DM 585, EM 590LP

Informacje dodatkowe: Supplied ready to use with eyepieces, objectives, dust cover and multi-plug power supply. Also includes blue and green fluorescence filter sets (Fluorescence B: EX 450 - 490, DM 495, EM 520LP; Fluorescence G: EX 540 - 580, DM 585, EM 590LP).
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