Zestawy do próbkowania, SteriPlast

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Zestawy do próbkowania, SteriPlast
Szufelki do próbek
The sampling set SteriPlast Kit consists of ten sample spatulas or ten sample scoops and ten SteriBag Premium tamper-proof sample bags. Thus the kit is the ideal combination for sampling where purity and sterility is essential.

  • All parts are sterilised by gamma rays
  • Suitable for use with foodstuffs
  • Scoops or spatulas are cleanroom manufactured and individually packed
  • Sample bag SteriBag Premium has an integrated sealing and is liquid-tight
  • Unique tracking code on both the bag and the tear-off field guarantees complete documentation and traceability

Dodatkowe informacje: SteriPlast kit includes ten 50 ml scoops or ten spatulas (150 mm insertion depth) and ten 300 ml SteriBag Premium sample bags.
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