Detergenty do czyszczenia laboratorium, Extran®

Dostawca: Merck

1.07563.2000EA 335 PLN
1.40006.5000 1.07563.2000 1.07559.9025 1.07561.9025 1.07559.9010 1.07561.9010 1.40118.2500 1.40118.9025 1.07570.9025 1.07559.5001 1.40006.2500 1.40118.5001 1.07561.5001 1.40006.9025 1.40118.9010 1.07563.9025 1.07570.2000 1.07558.2000 1.07563.9010 1.07561.2500 1.07559.2500 1.40006.2500_S 1.40118.5000 1.07558.9010 1.40006.9010 1.40006.5001 1.07558.9025
Detergenty do czyszczenia laboratorium, Extran®
Środki czystości Detergenty i środki myjące
A range of cleansers, for machine washing and rinsing, that have been developed to meet the cleaning requirements for glassware and small equipment in the laboratory.

  • Prevents carry-over of residues to the next analysis
  • Chlorine-free and biodegradable

These products have been developed with leading instrument manufacturers for their suitability for washing machines. Extran® products have been tested extensively for their effectiveness and low degree of foaming. It is advisable to neutralise alkaline cleansers with an acid rinse subsequent to the cleaning process. Alkaline cleansers, except Extran® AP 13, do not contain surfactants.

Sposób pakowania: The 5 litre plastic canister (part numbers xxxxxx.5001) has been designed to fit most dishwashers, with standard thread for direct connection.

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