LIC cloning and expression kits, aLICator™

Dostawca: Thermo Scientific
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K1291 K1241 K1281 K1271 K1261 K1251
LIC cloning and expression kits, aLICator™
Odczynniki do kwasów nukleinowych Zestawy do klonowania i ligacji
The aLICator™ LIC Cloning and Expression System is designed for fast and efficient ligation independent cloning and tight regulation of gene expression in E. coli. The plate bacterial expression vectors are designed for high levels of target protein expression in concert with minimal basal (uninduced) expression, which permits expression of proteins that are toxic to E. coli cells.

To streamline and facilitate the process of insert cloning into the expression vector, the aLICator™ system uses directional LIC cloning technology, a rapid procedure that provides high cloning efficiencies. Tightly regulated expression and fast efficient directional cloning makes the aLICator™ LIC cloning and expression system an excellent choice for routine and toxic gene cloning and expression in E. coli.
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