HPLC columns, Avantor® Alltima C8

Dostawca: Avantor®
HICH81392 HICH81413 HICH88072 HICH81398 HICH88081 HICHAL-5C8-33SP7 HICH81393 HICH88394 96081/N HICH81109 HICH88073 AL-5C8-100DT HICH50609 HICH88077 AL-5C8-300DE HICH81397 HICH81110 HICH88076 AL-5C8-100D HICH81146 96441/N HICH88372
HPLC columns, Avantor® Alltima C8
Kolumny chromatograficzne
Avantor® Alltima HPLC columns are high quality phases designed for general purpose applications.

  • Base deactivated silica phases
  • Stable bonding for long column lifetime
  • Multiple selectivity options
  • USP L7

Lower capacity compared to C18 phases. Recommended for reversed phase applications where C18 is too retentive.
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