Filter cartridges, Sartoguard® GF

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SART5485307G0-SS-VEA 2340 PLN
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Filter cartridges, Sartoguard® GF
Filtry Wkłady filtracyjne
Sartoguard® GF filter elements consist of glass fiber layers and PES membranes. They combine the defined retention performance for particles and microorganisms of membrane filters with the high total throughput capacity in the depth of the fibrous material. They are ideally suited for effective retention of particles, colloids and lipids which block more expensive sterilising grade or Mycoplasma retentive membrane filters quickly.

  • High adsorptive power due to glass fiber fleeces
  • Protection of downstream equipment and final membrane filters
  • Bioburden reduction

These filters allow for downsizing of filtration systems and cost saving in applications where the use of validated sterilising grade filters is not required, but reliable bioburden reduction is.

Membrane: PES, asymmetric; support layers: PP; end cap, core and cage: PP; O-rings: silicone

Maximum differential pressure: 5 bar at 20 °C; 2 bar at 80 °C, 3 bar at 50 °C
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