Ligation premix, Clonables™

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70573-4EA 5000 PLN
70573-4 70573-3
Ligation premix, Clonables™
Odczynniki do kwasów nukleinowych Zestawy do klonowania i ligacji
Clonables™ 2X ligation premix is a single solution containing optimised concentrations of T4 DNA ligase, buffer, stabiliser, and cofactors needed for efficient ligation of any type of compatible DNA ends.

The premix is tested for ligation of compatible 2- to 4-base cohesive DNA ends as well as blunt ends and single-base overhangs found on some PCR products. Under most conditions excellent ligation is achieved in only 15 minutes; with T/A or U/A overhangs more colonies can be obtained by incubating up to two hours.

This reagent is compatible with transformation of any type of chemically competent cells provided by the user. The high performance, minimal pipetting requirement, and single-addition format make it suitable for high throughput applications.

Informacja o dostawie: One vial of the 2X Ligation Premix (Cat. No. 70573-3) contains enough reagent for 11 ligation reactions (10 µl scale).
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