Dehydrated Culture Media, WL Nutrient Broth

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SIALW2261-500GEA 562 PLN
Dehydrated Culture Media, WL Nutrient Broth
Media do mikrobiologii Podłoża sypkie do mikrobiologii
WL nutrient broth consists of casein enzymatic hydrolysate (5,00 g/l), yeast extract (4,00 g/l), dextrose (50,00 g/l), monopotassium phosphate (0.55 g/l), potassium chloride (0.425 g/l), calcium chloride (0.125 g/l), manganese sulphate (0.125 g/l), ferric chloride (0.0025 g/l), manganese sulphate (0.0025 g/l) and bromocresol green (0.022 g/l).

Used for the cultivation of bacteria encountered in breweries and industrial fermentations.
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