HiFi DNA polymerase 2X Master Mix

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HiFi DNA polymerase 2X Master Mix
Odczynniki do kwasów nukleinowych Zestawy do end-point PCR
VWR® HiFi DNA polymerase sets new standards for high fidelity PCR with up to 50X Taq fidelity. This chimeric DNA polymerase features ultra-low error rate and robust performance. VWR® HiFi DNA polymerase 2X master mix offers excellent coverage on difficult amplicons with low to high GC content. The long range capacity of the polymerase is 8,5 kb for genomic DNA and >12 kb for simple DNA targets.

  • High fidelity enzyme: Measured up to 50X Taq fidelity
  • Good coverage for amplification of DNA target with low to high GC %
  • Long range capacity: 8,5 kb for genomic DNA and >12 kb for simple DNA targets
  • Recommended for cloning, mutagenesis, SNP analysis, NGS application and other applications requiring extremely high fidelity
  • Convenient reaction set-up

Optimal PCR conditions are supported by the innovative buffer conditions of the VWR® HiFi 2X master mix. For DNA samples with high GC content addition of 1 to 2 M betaine enhancer solution is recommended.
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