Refrigerated/heating circulators, DYNEO™ DD series

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461-1405 JULA9021713.N1.A 461-1388 461-1415 461-1417 JULA9021713.S1.D 461-1419 461-1401 461-1407 461-1403 JULA9021714.N1 JULA9021714.N1.D 461-1406 461-1389 461-1395 JULA9021727.D 461-1404 461-1422 JULA9021727 JULA9021713.N1.D 461-1392 JULA9021713.N1 JULA9021714.N1.A JULA9021713.S1.A 461-1408 461-1418 JULA9021714.S1 461-1420 461-1421 JULA9021714.S1.A 461-1394 JULA9021714.S1.D JULA9021713.S1 JULA9021727.A 461-1390 461-1416 461-1391 461-1402 461-1393
Refrigerated/heating circulators, DYNEO™ DD series
Termostaty cyrkulacyjne Systemy cyrkulacyjne, otwarte Cyrkulatory z grzaniem/chłodzeniem
DYNEO™ DD refrigerated circulators are powerful cooling units suitable for internal or external applications between –50 and +200 °C. The circulators function precisely and reliably even at elevated ambient temperatures up to +40 °C. The multilingual 8,89 cm colour display and unique rotary knob allow straightforward and intuitive operation. Units have ergonomic handles and a built in drain tap for easy and safe drainage.

  • Optimised cooling coil design saves space in the bath tank
  • Powerful and infinitely adjustable pressure pump
  • Easy to switch between internal and external circulation
  • Large colour TFT display, multilingual user interface and USB port
  • Central rotary knob (controller) simplifies operation
  • Integrated programmer for 8×60 program steps
  • Integrated external PT100 connection
  • RS232 interface or analogue interface (optional)
  • Choice of models with environmentally-friendly natural refrigerantIntegrated programmer for 8×60 program steps
  • Integrated external PT100 connection
  • RS232 interface or analogue interface (optional)

Max. flow rate/max. pressure:
CP: 8 to 27 L/min, 0,1 to 0,7 bar

Certyfikaty: Classification III according to DIN 12876-1
IP protection class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 21

Informacje do zamówienia: An extensive range of accessories mean that the circulators can be modularly and individually adapted to applications.

Dodatkowe informacje: Supplied with bath cover and two each barbed fitting for tubing 8 and 12 mm inner dia. (pump connections M16×1 male)

Uwaga: Note: Cooling capacity at +20; 0; −10; −20; −30 and −40 °C
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