Hand disinfectants, Swarfega® Classic

Dostawca: SC Johnson
Hand disinfectants, Swarfega® Classic
Pielęgnacja skóry Środki do dezynfekcji dłoni Płyny i pianki do dezynfekcji skóry
This is a heavy duty workshop soap without microbeads, effective against strong and adherent soiling.

  • Creamy gel form makes the product easy to apply and rinse without any residue
  • A subtle citrus scent leaves the skin fresh and slightly scented after use

Mixture of hydrocarbon solvent and emulsifiers to effectively clean large quantities variety of fatty contaminants (oil, grease, dirt and paints).
A small amount is sufficient to quickly and efficiently clean the contaminants. Contains propylene glycol to help preserve the softness and suppleness of theskin after use.

The results of the 48-hour patch test have been validated by a dermatologist and demonstrated that the product is non-irritant.

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