FluoranSafe 2, Scintran® for scintillation

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FluoranSafe 2, Scintran® for scintillation
Koktajl scyntylacyjny do próbek wodnych

A general purpose, biodegradable scintillation cocktail for use with aqueous samples. This cocktail has high sample holding capacities but still exhibits good counting efficiencies.

Gęstość: 0,91 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Temp. Zapłonu: 74 °C (zamknięty kubek)
Jednostka: 1992

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Wyniki testów specyfikacyjnych

Appearance clear colourless solution with a blue phosphorescence
Water holding 10ml sample holds 4.5 ml tap water
Salt holding 10ml holds >2.0 ml 0.15M NaCl solution

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