GC columns, Ultra Inert, J&W DB-WAX

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HEWL122-7033UIEA 4820 PLN
HEWL122-7033UI HEWL122-7012UI HEWL121-7022UI HEWL122-7063UI HEWL125-7031UI HEWL125-7032UI HEWL122-7062UI HEWL125-7062UI HEWL121-7023UI HEWL123-7032UI HEWL123-7033UI HEWL123-7062UI HEWL123-7012UI HEWL125-7012UI HEWL123-7063UI HEWL125-7037UI HEWL128-7022UI
GC columns, Ultra Inert, J&W DB-WAX
Kolumny chromatograficzne
GC columns achieve the highest levels of PEG stationary phase inertness performance for a range of challenging active analytes with individually-tested DB-WAX UI columns.

  • Improved peakshape for challenging polar compounds with DB-WAX Ultra Inert
  • Reliable column to column inertness performance
  • Equivalent bonded polyethylene glycol (PEG) selectivity as DB-WAX; no method revalidation needed
  • High polarity, equivalent to USP G16
  • Excellent performance for acidic compounds including free fatty acids no need for FFAP type column

DB-WAX Ultra Inert (UI) represents the ultimate performance of PEG stationary phase inertness because it provides symmetric peak shape and improved response for challenging polar compounds. All DB-WAX UI columns are individually tested with an Ultra Inert wax test probe mixture according to the strictest industry QC standards. This ensures consistent column to column inertness performance for challenging active analytes such as free fatty acids, alcohols, diols, and aldehydes with minimal compound adsorption or degradation. Having the same selectivity as J&W DB-WAX makes upgrading to Ultra Inert performance easy with minimal validation when switching to DB-WAX UI. No need to recreate or modify existing compound libraries that are based on DB-WAX selectivity.
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