Worki na próbki, Minigrip®

Dostawca: MINIGRIP
129-2009EA 919 PLN
129-2009 MINIITM020255 MINIITM020219 MINIITM020305 MINIITM020259 129-2006 MINIITM020232 MINIITM020239 MINIITM020233 129-2000 MINIITM020268 MINIITM020217 MINIITM020211 MINIITM020258 MINIITM020318 129-2001 129-2003 MINIITM020249 MINIITM020247 MINIITM020265 MINIITM020238 129-2002 MINIITM020312 129-2004 MINIITM020275 MINIITM020260 MINIITM020262 129-2007 129-2012 MINIITM020261 129-2016 129-2011 129-2005 MINIITM020317 MINIITM020243 129-2010 MINIITM020254 MINIITM020319 MINIITM020253 MINIITM103820 MINIITM020250 MINIITM020313 MINIITM020311
Worki na próbki, Minigrip®
Worki Woreczki na próbki
These waste disposal bags, in LDPE, are versatile and are available in a range of sizes.

  • Pressure zip closure
  • Can be used for samples, tubes, small parts; (not suitable for liquids)
  • Durable, secure Minigrip closure
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