Wirówkowe jednostki filtracyjne, Vivaspin® 6

Dostawca: Sartorius
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Wirówkowe jednostki filtracyjne, Vivaspin® 6
Filtry Filtry i koncentratory wirówkowe
Vivaspin® 6 centrifugal concentrators have been developed to offer increased volume flexibility and performance. Vivaspin® 6 can process 6 ml in either swing bucket or fixed angle rotors accepting standard 15 ml conical bottom test tubes.

  • High retentate recovery >90%
  • Vertical membrane design for ultra-fast concentration
  • Safe sample concentration due to dead-stop volume
  • Convenient concentrate recovery by pipetting
  • Volume graduation for easy reading/monitoring

Vivaspin® 6 features twin vertical membranes for unparalleled filtration speed and >100-fold concentration. The remaining volume is easy to read off the printed scale on the side of the concentrator and the modified dead stop pocket further simplifies direct pipette recovery of the final concentrate.
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