Zbiorniki blotterów do elektroforezy

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Zbiorniki blotterów do elektroforezy
Aparaty do blottingu
Suitable for Western, Southern and Northern Blotting, this range of tank blotters includes units which can hold up to four gel cassettes and can handle gel cassettes/glass plates with dimensions up to 330×160 mm. All blotters feature an internal glass cooling base for temperature controlled runs, and safety cover with power leads.

  • Platinum electrode wires mounted into grooves 2,5 cm apart on acrylic panels for uniform electrophoretic transfer and easy disassembly and cleaning
  • Cassette assembly consists of two hinged, perforated fibreglass panels and two Scotch Brite® pads between which the gel and nitrocellulose, or other derivatised paper, are placed
  • Stirring bar can be placed beneath cassettes to allow buffer circulation and heat exchange during electrophoresis
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