Inkubatory hybrydyzacyjne, Techne® HB-1D and HB-3D

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Inkubatory hybrydyzacyjne, Techne® HB-1D and HB-3D
Piece i suszarki Piece do hybrydyzacji
Ideal for blotting techniques in which RNA and DNA or proteins are immobilised onto nylon or nitrocellulose filters. Detection of the desired sequence is usually performed using radioactive or colourimetric probes.

  • Hybrigene HB-3D:
  • Versatile quality at an affordable price offering excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity
  • The Hybrigene is a compact, stackable alternative to the Hybridiser HB-1D, for when space is important and throughput is not a priority
  • Can stack up to three ovens, saving valuable laboratory space
  • Holds up to 16 mini and four large glass tubes

Hybridiser HB-1D:
Adjustable rotation speed
High capacity; up to 24 mini tubes or 6 unique large tubes can be used
Hybridisations can be performed in a minimal volume of 5 ml
Adjustable feet to enable accurate levelling
Double-glased glass door; quiet and safe, provides durable protection

Informacje do zamówienia: A wide range of accessories are available including mini tubes, tube holders, high temperature sealing rings (for operation up to 100 °C), shelves, rocking platforms, please enquire for details.
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