Termostat z wytrząsaniemsdo mikro probówek i płytek PCR, PHMT series

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Termostat z wytrząsaniemsdo mikro probówek i płytek PCR, PHMT series
Wytrząsarki Inkubatory z wytrząsaniem
Compact, easy to operate microtube thermoshakers, with interchangeable blocks that hold 24 or 32 microtubes or one 96-well plate only (unskirted) with incubation to 100 °C. The powerful yet quiet motor produces regulated and reproducible rotation throughout the speed range, giving uniform amplitude across the shaking platform. Unit is easy to program and has soft start for delicate samples. A choice of blocks is available, to meet the needs of many standard laboratory procedures.

  • Mixing and incubation phases are combined and reaction process times are reduced
  • Rapid heating for swift change of application, increasing flexibility and throughput
  • Integral timer, 1 min to 96 h, with buzzer and automatic switch-off, or continuous mode
  • 2 line LCD shows actual and set values for temperature, shaking speed and time
  • Fast start - 3 second acceleration to maximum speed
  • Temperature calibration function compensates for the differences in thermal behaviour of different samples and tubes

Certyfikaty: Complies with IEC61010 parts 1 and 2

Informacje do zamówienia: Additional interchangeable blocks can be ordered seperately.
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