Boiling Baths, SBB Aqua Plus Range (Grant.)

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Boiling Baths, SBB Aqua Plus Range (Grant.)
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Boiling baths are designed for continuous operation with water above 90 °C. They have a stainless steel tank in an outer case and analogue control by means of a simple dial for straightforward temperature settings. Baths have two fixed over-temperature safety cut-outs which can be reset by the user.

  • Energy regulator can be adjusted to ensure a steady boiling action, avoiding excessive steam or spitting
  • Constant level device maintains the required liquid level, avoiding the need to monitor and top up the bath
  • Heater and temperature sensors are mounted at the base of the tank, protected by a perforated tray, giving more usable space
  • Robust construction, durable and resistant to corrosion
  • New modern design

Informacje do zamówienia: Required accessories must be ordered separately, see SUB Aqua Pro baths entry.

Dodatkowe informacje: Supplied with polycarbonate lid but without rings.

Uwaga: ** Required if flat-bottomed flasks are to be placed directly onto the base of the bath and to allow better convection in the bath.
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