Kolumny kapilarne, BPX50

Dostawca: SGE (Trajan)
558-0342EA 2600 PLN
558-0342 568-0451 568-0448 568-0445 558-0341 568-0446 SGEA054742 558-0251
Kolumny kapilarne, BPX50
Kolumny chromatograficzne
These columns are suitable for EPA methods 604, 608, 8060, 8081, triazines/herbicides, drug screening, steroids and a variety of pharmaceutical applications.

50% phenyl polysilphenylene-siloxane

Max. temperature: 80 °C to 360/370 °C

Suitable replacement for: OV-17, SP-2250, DB-17, DB-17ms, DB-17ht, Rtx-50, SPB-50, HP-50+, HP-17
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