Metakrzemian disodu, bezwodny, granular, tech. –18 Mesh

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Metakrzemian disodu, bezwodny, granular, tech. –18 Mesh
Metakrzemian disodu

Sodium metasilicate is used as a starting material for zeolites and silica catalysts. It acts as an adhesive and binder, corrosion inhibitor, penetrating sealant, coagulant in waste water treatment, fixative for hand dyeing with reactive dye and detergent auxiliaries.

It is also used in boiler compounds, cleaners, bleaches, aluminum paint strippers and washing carbonated drinking bottles. It finds application in cements, drilling fluids, fireproofing wood, refractories and automobiles. Further, it serves as a surfactant, emulsifier, wetting agent, suspending agent, dispersing agent and anti-corrosive agent in boiler water.

Incompatible with acids, bronze, aluminum, brass, copper, lead, tin, zinc and other alkali sensitive metals.

Formuła: Na₂O₃Si
MW: 122,06 g/mol
Temp. topnienia: 1088 °C
Gęstość: 2,61
Temperatura przechowywania: Temperatura otoczenia
Numer MDL: MFCD00003492
Numer CAS: 6834-92-0
Numer WE (dawny EINECS): 229-912-9
Jednostka: 3253
Klasyfikacja Merck : 12,08788

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Wyniki testów specyfikacyjnych

Assay (Unspecified), SiO₂ 44.7 - 47.6%
Assay (Unspecified), Na₂O 49.1 - 51.7%

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