Anaerobowy system inkubacji , Anaerocult®

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Anaerobowy system inkubacji , Anaerocult®
Systemy anaerobowe
Anaerocult® system is a reliable and established system for the cultivation of obligate and facultative anaerobes. The Anaerocult® system is based on sachets made of highly absorptive and highly gas permeable paper. The sachets, of different sizes, are filled with an oxygen-binding reagent mixture which also produces carbon dioxide. Water is added to start the reaction, which consists of the oxidation of finely divided iron and release of CO₂. The reaction proceeds without a catalyst. Incubation is possible in an anaerobic jar or in bags.

  • All Anaerocult® products are catalyst-free for a safe environment, and they don't create high temperatures which can negatively impact the growth of microorganisms
  • For the cultivation of anaerobic and microaerophilic/capneic microorganisms
  • Anaerocult® is used to create an anaerobic environment for up to 12 Petri dishes in an anaerobic jar or as sets including special incubation bags for one to four Petri dishes

Anaerocult® A for microbiology
Reagent for the generation of an anaerobic medium in an anaerobic jar.

Anaerocult® C system
The Anaerocult® C system is used specifically for the incubation of microaerophiles and capnophiles. The special formulation of the reagent mixture is designed so that the cultivation jar reaches gas concentrations of 8-10% vol. CO2 and 5-6% vol. O2. At an incubation temperature of 42°C, the temperature in the jar does not increase further because, unlike systems using a catalyst, the amount of energy released is low, so the microorganisms are not harmed by the heat.

Anaerocult® C is used to generate oxygen-depleted and CO2-enriched atmosphere in a 2.5 L anaerobe jar for culturing Campylobacter species and other microorganisms with fastidious requirements (e.g. Neisseria sp., Capnocytophaga sp., Eikenella corrodensHaemophilus sp.).

Anaerocult® A mini
Gas generator system for the incubation of one to four petri dishes in an anaerobic atmosphere.

Anaerocult® C mini
For microbiology gas generator system for incubation of one to two Petri dishes in a oxygen-depleted and CO₂-enriched atmosphere.

Anaerocult® P for microbiology
Reagent for the generation of an anaerobic medium for one petri dish.

Informacje do dodatkowy: Anaerotest® strips are designed as an indicator strip to indicate an anaerobic atmosphere. Anaerobic atmosphere favors growth of anaerobic bacteria and this strip can indicate the absence/presence of oxygen in the environment. The methylene blue dye in the absence of oxygen undergoes a chemical reduction reaction and turns colorless thereby indicating a total anaerobic atmosphere. The reaction zone on the test strip returns to normal (blue color) upon re-introduction of oxygen in the environment.
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