qScript™ zestawy One-Step qRT-PCR

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qScript™ zestawy One-Step qRT-PCR
Odczynniki do kwasów nukleinowych Enzymy i zestawy do qPCR, RT-qPCR
Synthesis of cDNA and PCR amplification are carried out in the same tube without opening between procedures. These kits are optimised to deliver maximum RT-PCR efficiency and specificity, enabling unbiased co-amplification of low copy transcripts in the presence of higher copy reference genes. As a result the qScript™ One-Step qRT-PCR Kits offer improved sensitivity over other commercially available qPCR reagents. The qScript™ One-Step Master Mix maximises the activities of both reverse transcriptase and PCR enzymes, while minimising primer-dimer formation. High specificity is assured with AccuStart™ Taq DNA Polymerase, which is bound by monoclonal antibodies for superior hot-start. Upon heating to 95 °C, the antibodies denature irreversibly releasing fully active and unmodified Taq DNA polymerase. qScript™ One-Step qRT-PCR Kits are available for all Real-Time PCR instrument platforms, including those requiring normalisation with ROX reference dye.

  • Broad dynamic range ensures reliable data
  • Highly sensitive for low copy RNA quantification
  • Unbiased duplex amplification for more accurate results
  • Simple, fast protocol with less variability
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